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Quote # 4

It's time for you  To seek out for Rainbows.  You had enough of Rain! 

I Cry and Then I Smile.

I cry every night.  I cry for the mistakes I have done. I cry for the mistakes they have done.  I cry for the people I have cheated. I cry for the people who have cheated me. I cry for the things I have done. I cry for the things I haven't done.  I cry for the reasons I can't tell. It doesn't makes me weak. It makes me stronger for A powerful comeback every morning. Thus,  I smile every morning. I smile for the rights I have done. I smile for the rights they have done. I smile for the people I believe. I smile for the people who believes me. I smile for the good things I have done. I smile for the good things they have done. I smile for the reasons I can't tell. And that's what life is all about. You cry and then you smile.

Quote # 3

                 She added stars of hope                  To those dark nights of people.                  So, she became the Shooting star                  For them to make wish upon. 

The Awful Nightmare

It was 7:30 pm. I was simply scrolling down on Pinterest, when I came across an image. The title read as ' BEFORE AND AFTER'. And what I saw was really heartbreaking. The picture illustrated changes that occurred in a village. It was merely a village now.  It grew up into a large city with numerous skyscrapers. It shook me so hard that I ended up running to the balcony. With eyes filled with confusion and fright, I looked at my little town ' Khetri '. People over here lived with harmony and peace since many decades. We even call our town 'Copper' with love. I was wandering about all the changes that might happen to it. There would be more vehicles creating noises with the sign board 'Don't Honk'. And people would be dressed in all those Western styles watching 'Sarees' in the museum. Our sweet little park with all those beautiful flowers would be replaced by large buildings in inside of which they'll draw flowers on the wall. Huh! That&#

An Open Letter

The Open letter that my granny wrote to her 'Disease' - Dear Disease, It's true that you made me weak. You made me feel terrible in inside of me. You even made me think that it's gonna be my end. But DANG IT! Look at me now. I'm alright! Yes. You may scare me. You may make me cry. But remember one thing. You can never ever make me stop! I will resist! I will rebel! You can't slay me! Yes, you are strong. But remember that my heart is stronger. And a human with a strong heart is never less than a grenade. You may win over me one day. But for this time, victory belongs to me. Well,  thank you for teaching me how to treat any obstacle like a unskillful warrior and win over them like a King! Thank you. With lots of love, Your Defeater.

Piece of Heart

It doesn't matter if black or white. He loves his mom with all his heart. It doesn't matter if fat or slim. It's all about 'Mom' that he dreams. If she cries, He would cry along. If she laughs, He would laugh along. It's her piece of heart, That fell apart. He plays. He falls. He cries. He grows. And thereafter forgets What he loved the most!

Quote # 2

Never asked her if she was okay. I knew she wasn't when she gave that Sort of smile. Behind that smile was a heavy heart pleading for help. 

The Old Violin

I touched those strings, They were loose to sing. Time made them weak. Weak, so weak, That it was no more music Which they produced. It was noise! I touched those strings With pain. Time had the same effect on me! I was weak,  so weak That it was no more work Which I did. It was disturbance which I created! We both were discarded objects. The only difference was, I could weep. But it could not!

Hello; an investigation

Alexander Graham Bell  'Hello' is probably the best known greeting word in English language. Well, it is not that old as much as we think. It was first used in 1827.  And, you know what? It wasn't Alexander Graham Bell who used this word. It was Thomas Edison. In fact Alexander preferred to use the word 'Ahoy' all his life. The first call was made by Alexander to his asistent and all that he said was "Come here. I want to see you". And, it's a famous haox on internet that hello was the name of Alexander's girlfriend. But, in actual it was ' Mabel Hubbard ' who later on married him. 'Hello' is actually derived from 'Hola' which literally means 'stop and pay attention'. So, this is the great history of the small word 'Hello'. 

Quote # 1

                    Her voice wasn't loud,                       But her eyes were!

The King Soul

Never saw him weak. Never saw him weep. He has power in his voice. And his soul is a king. When he fold his arms with a smirk, His eyes glitter through the dark. Touch him, you will freeze. Mess with him, you will not be in ease. Don't dare him. He always plays your game better! In those dusty winds,  When all of us closed our eyes He kept it Open So that he could lead us to somewhere safe! No matter, what came as obstacle He would be there like a shield,  And we wouldn't get even a glare. Don't know If all those Super Heroes exist or not. But there's one, whom I know. The person whom I call 'Daddy'!

One Woman Army

On life's harsh roads, She wobbled and she slipped. But she never fell. And, that made her a Warrior! She got roses with thorns. She got apples with worms. But she never refused. And, that made her a Warrior! At times, she was torn and sad. She got cuts and she bled. But she was never afraid. And, that made her a Warrior! There was no love. There was no sympathy. But she survived everything with her dignity. And, that made her a Warrior! She was not a born Warrior. Life made her.

The Watch ~ a heart breaking incident

"Anagha, look at my watch" my friend screamed aloud from the last bench of the class. I was wondering what was so special about the watch. I moved towards her as the bell rang. "yeah, what?" I exclaimed. She kept her hand in front of me with a nasty Smile. As I lowered my eyes to see the stuff, I felt a twitch, so funny, on my face. A beautiful piece of creation with all those gems embedded on it. The leather belt painted in black with tiny pores. Could it be I owned it, it would have taken me an hour or so to find out the time as I would spend some time enjoying its beauty. I was gaping at it, the way the frog did in the famous poem 'The Frog and the Nightingale'. But I was not wishing to give her any chance to show off. So I acted normal. "Just that? Well, it's quite beautiful" I said. "Just beautiful?" she asked ."Yes. Just beautiful !". I went from there without making any further statements. I was half burnt. As I mov

Stuck in the Moment

After a long busy day, working so hard on herself ,she gets a 5 minutes break. The assistant makeup artist went to fetch the latest Kylie collection .So, yes she is now free to breathe. It was 6:30 in the evening. Everyone was busy doing something or the other . She creeped towards the balcony without getting noticed by any . If the director finds her not near him, he would burst on her. Well, somehow she managed to open the latch and move out quickly. 'huh' she sighs.  She takes a long breath. Cool breeze hit her small dyed curles. It was getting darker. She had no people around her . There were no cameras staring at her. There was no one to insist her to do something. She could see the shimmering stars which were faintly visible. When you are in a room 1700 feet high, you can hear the melody of the air. So calm, so soothing. She could feel her skin rejoicing in the natural cold which was always exposed to the man made coolness. She folds her arms with a natural smile. Wait, n

Rain For A Reason

The cool Breeze Passed by Her. It played with her curly hair. She was busy with her household chores. Suddenly a smile , so bright came On her lovely face.  She turned back to see the windows if open.  From the garden I called on her 'Come on mom, it's again rain outside' No sooner had I called She fled to me to like a butterfly getting attracted Towards honey. She caught every drop in her hands As if they were pearls Sent from above. We laughed,  we played, We sang,  we danced. I didn't notice how time passed by Now I am in the garden But she is not. In the chilled I stood frozen And rain hid my tears! ~ lately visited one of my friends.  She told me about her feelings. She lost her mother when she was a Lil girl. Mother is the perfect creation of god.

The Class

The voice of ' sin  (  θ  ) cos  ( θ )' echoed in the class. But it seem to me nothing more than a lullaby. All my eyes want is to get them closed. But the penetrating voice of children doesn't provide me with peace. I can't sleep. I don't study. What shell I do? But,  when I peep out of the windows, I see waving leaves of trees Sweet chirruping of birds, Blooming flowers smiling at me. It often makes me think that I belong to be out there as it's so boring inside the class. But just looking at them won't make me pass! It won't even make my future. And I would rather roam around like a looser. So,  'the class ' is where I belong to And hence I should love the class!

My Pearls

The love and care That our parents offer Can never be measured! The warmth of her loving hands And the sweetness of her voice Makes me strong an gives me hope.... The strength of his voice And the power of his smile Makes everything in my way.... Starting by taking blessings from them, Makes my day.... Thank you Lord, for you gave me The best parents in the world...! ( wrote it when I was 10)

I'm Worth It

Am I worth it? Let me find, As even the TV commercials say That I'm one of a kind. If the answer is 'No' Then, I won't let it down Instead, would raise up to be called 'Yes, she is worth' And if, already worth I am Then you should admire me For what I am. 'Am I worth it's let me find, As even the TV commercials say That I'm one of a kind. Stop making fun of me, when I try hard. Because when you do so You become the joke for me to giggle at When I reach high. Let me appreciate my uniqueness As I'my own future world's princess Let the war begin As this time I'm ready for my turn. Because..... Today, I know that worth I am And true is what the TV commercials rhymed.

Beyond Words

What I'm told is, with time everything changes. But I see you the same as you were a couple of years ago. The lady even more beautiful than the angels. That old shivering hands and the pale white hairs neatly tied with bands. The shimmering face with frowns and wrinkles. And the deep black eyes with twinkles. Full of wisdom and experiences, Is there anything even more precious? In life's busy days,  I forgot to laugh I forgot to cry. I loved it when you made tears of laughter roll down my eyes so dry. I find no words to say, But, without you I wish for no further day.

'This Moment '

It's 11:00 pm,  December 31,2017 . I'm on my bed as usual with the blankets on.  I've got pen in my hand,  book on my lap and every sort of thing a student would require to study except for the presence of mind. My mind is just wandering about the stuff going on earth.  I was thinking about 'this moment ' of people all around the world.  Well,  for me though it's quite boring but it need not to be the same for someone right next to me.  For instance,  my lil sister is playing game in the phone.  She might be having a good time.  There would be someone under the sun who might be thrilling out. Where as for some ' this moment ' would be quite pathetic.  Like,  it varies for every single person.  At  this moment,  someone would be taking his last breath , while someone would've taken his first breath. There would be someone shedding tears of joy while there would be someone who is shedding tears of gloom.  Like,  same actions with different meanings in

The Blame Game

'It's not that I didn't try.               I did.    But my luck didn't.' Why do we always blame           the 'luck'? Well, who is this 'luck'?    Where do he live? It's my blame buddy! It's your excuse buddy! It's our saviour buddy! No one really own it. It's something inside an        Artist's head..... Something called 'imaginary'. So why's this virtual buddy        always blamed even when the fault lies in             Our part? Let's be the voice for 'luck'!    Let's stop this racism!             And let's say:– 'It's my fault. I didn't try hard.'


No matter how hard you try, Sometimes it's better to be  in silence than cry. The stormy  clouds will soon pass away And you will of course find a better way. All you got to do is work hard day and night One day you will be proud to see yourself at greater height. The  wind of success is so  sweet That the ones who ignored will now greet Life is something which everyone can't understand. But the ones who do are the ones who outstand .